Chengdu Skyline

Chengdu Hunters

Chengdu Hunters was established in October 2018, the new team is jointly operated by Huya and RNG. The cooperation between Huya and RNG is a strong alliance, between a leading live-streaming platform and the top esports club in China.
ameng - Menghan Ding
ameng Menghan Ding
GARRY - Li Guan
Kyo - Chunting Kong
Kyo Chunting Kong
Yveltal - Xianyao Li
Yveltal Xianyao Li
Baconjack - Tzu-Heng Lo
Baconjack Tzu-Heng Lo
Elsa - Wenjie Luo
Elsa Wenjie Luo
lateyoung - Tianbin Ma
lateyoung Tianbin Ma
JIQIREN - Yansong Wei
JIQIREN Yansong Wei
JinMu - Hu Yi
JinMu Hu Yi
YangXiaoLong - Zhihao Zhang
YangXiaoLong Zhihao Zhang